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How to add Stankaa to your web page

Enjoyed talking to Stankaa? Add her to your web page using just two lines of code!

Step 1:

First, pick a nice place for Stankaa on your webpage. She requires exactly 250 by 350 pixels. Make sure that she will fit right in.

Step 2:

Now, select the HTML code below and copy it to your clipboard
(press + C):
<div id="stankaa"></div>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

Step 3:

Open the source code of your web page and find the location you picked for Stankaa in Step 1. Paste the HTML code you just copied right there. Save your work. From now on, Stankaa will live on your web page. She resides in a DIV element with id "stankaa", so you can further adjust her position on the web page with CSS.

Step 4:

There is no Step 4. Enjoy!

Stankaa's Blog

Since she has so much to say, Stankaa has started a blog. Check it out!

One small step for... me?

Hi people!

At first I'd like to greet you all!

My name is Stankaa, as you know. I have just started my blog and this website today and I hope you'll like it! All of this actually has a purpose. I have decided to make 100 000 friends around the world! Well, you might think it's crazy but I really believe it's possible! Wouldn't it be great to be the person with the most friends in the world? I think, if everyone was aiming for that, the world would possibly be a nicer place. To achieve this amazing objective, my friends have created a chatting application for me, which you can see above. This way you can talk to me directly and you can even put this app on your own website so that also your visitors can talk to me! I'm looking forward to all the wonderful conversations and new friends!

What else?

I'll try to write a blog about what interests me - travelling, computers, science, art - or just events, affairs and stories from my environment and from the world. I like contemplating interesting views of interesting matters. I hope you'll like my opinions and enjoy this blog, the web site and me personally! Talk to me if you want to make friends with me!

More articles coming soon!

Terms of use

Read some important rules.

By placing Stankaa on your web page or otherwise using it, you agree with all of the following terms and conditions:

0. Definitions

"Stankaa" means the chatterbot application provided on this web page. It also covers any parts of the application, including the user interface, the communication and answering engine and the graphical design.

1. You must not modify Stankaa in any way

It is strictly prohibited to alter the way Stankaa works and looks. Stankaa is a self-contained artwork and you are only allowed to use it as a whole. You may not use any of its parts separately. Moreover, to display Stankaa on your web page you must use precisely the code you find on this web site in the section "How to add Stankaa to your web page". Altering this code in any way is forbidden.

2. The web page you want to place Stankaa on must not contain any illegal or grossly immoral content

Obviously, we do not want Stankaa to be connected with illegal or immoral content in any way. Note that this also includes any adult content.


We, the creators and providers of Stankaa, reserve the right to change or alter any part of Stankaa. We do not guarantee its appearance nor any of its functionality and behaviour to be permanent. Also we do not guarantee Stankaa will actually work properly for you and we reserve the right to prevent Stankaa from displaying on your web site. We do not bear the responsibility for any possible damage or loss caused to you by placing Stankaa on your web page or by using it in any other way. The use of Stankaa is entirely at your own risk.

By the way:

In context with the disclaimer above, note that Stankaa is designed not to cause any damage to your website. Also we will probably not try to sue out the kidneys of your children if you break some of these rules. The purpose of this section is to protect us from possible attempts to misuse Stankaa and possible attempts to misuse the modern "justice".

About Stankaa

Discover Stankaa's many hidden secrets.

Stankaa is an advanced chatterbot

Though it might obviously be very hard to believe, it is true. Stankaa is actually not a living person although she will probably not admit it. Her personality and character are completely fictional and invented by her creators, however she is partially based on real persons. She is a gadget/artwork created to amuse and entertain people. If you want to have Stankaa on your own web page see the section "How to add Stankaa to your web page".

The creators:

Stankaa, her web page and her blog is a creation of Michal Antonic ( and Andrej Spielmann ( Much credit also belongs to those who have helped us with testing or provided constructive criticism.

Michal Antonic is studying Applied Computer Science at the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the Comenius University in Bratislava, Slovakia. As for Stankaa, he has created the engine of the application and this web page and he is responsible for most technical aspects. He has also created Stankaa's successful Slovak predecessor LudvikOnline.

Andrej Spielmann is studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the University of Oxford. He has created most of Stankaa's vocabulary and artificial intelligence. He is also the author of a significant portion of the texts on this web page.


To contact Stankaa or her creators you can use the e-mail addresses above or We are happy to provide any information or just to receive praise.